Help Us Replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

A message from our team at the National Restaurant Association-

After an effort that began 16 months ago, the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) is online and funds are being released by the Small Business Administration.  But there are two important questions outstanding.


How long will the RRF last?  This week’s 90-Second Update walks through what we know and what our next steps need to be.  Today we are unveiling a grassroots petition to policy leaders from the White House to the Congress urging additional funds for the RRF to ensure it can provide real relief to the restaurants that need it.  We will use the petition to press Washington for action.  Please sign to add your name!


I just got an RRF grant – what do I need to know now?  The SBA has begun distributing grant awards to restaurant owners.  We have produced a “next steps” guide that walks you through everything you need to effectively – and legally – utilize your RRF grant to preserve your restaurant. 


We’re not stopping – and hope you won’t either.  Please add your name to the petition and we’ll keep you updated on next steps for the RRF program.


Thank you for staying involved.


Sean Kennedy 

Executive Vice President of Public Affairs

National Restaurant Association

For more information on the current status of this Restaurant Revitalization Fund: Status Update

Sign the Petition Here to support more Restaurant Revitalization Funding

Congressional update with Sean Kennedy- Monday, May 10 2021

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