Why Join

Why Join?

Your voice is an important part of the success of our community. By investing in membership, you will have a platform to share your political priorities, gain access to business-building tools and develop meaningful relationships with your peers. Your voice as a member plays an important role in the constant fight to keep our industry alive and well. The more voices we have throughout the entire city from independent restaurant operators, the more we can be heard by local Long Beach policy makers.

As a member, you will have direct access to industry updates and to a membership board that consists of many experienced restaurant operators who have long term success in our business. We are constantly forming alliances to save money on services such as: insurance, legal fees, credit card processing, and more. By joining the LBRA, you will be offered access to savings in many valuable areas of operation in your restaurant.

Most importantly, your support allows our association to have the credibility in numbers to constantly advocate on your behalf.


Our Recent Accomplishments

  • LBRA funded the writing of a city council agenda item to urge the city to pass an item that waives and/or reimburses all city permit and licensing fees for the year 2020 due to COVID. This process involved a total of 3 council meetings in order to get city approval. This alone is a $3,000-$5,000 annual savings/reimbursement for any full service restaurant in Long Beach.
  • LBRA urged the city to allocate $6.5m for small business relief instead of just $3.5m when the city received $40m in relief from the CARES Act in 2020.
  • LBRA assisted the city with implementing two grant programs for restaurants with a portion of the CARES Act funding the city received; 1) A technology grant of up to $7,000 and 2) An outdoor dining grant of up to $10,000 to reimburse restaurants who spend money providing outdoor dining spaces.
  • LBRA hired an executive director, Alex Cherin, who is highly experienced in navigating through local politics, is widely known and respected by top city staff, and is also an attorney.
  • LBRA board of directors and its executive director, have been on numerous Zoom meetings and conference calls with the Mayor, Health Department Director, and Economic Development Director, working to guide city policy and relief for the restaurant industry in our city.
  • LBRA formed a “gofundme” page wherein we donated 75% of the proceeds collected and donated the funds to various restaurants throughout the entire city to assist their staff only.
  • LBRA urged city council to pass a city ordinance capping 3rd party delivery fees at 15%. The ordinance was passed unanimously.

Member Forum

We invite you to join our LBRA member forum. Please join our FB group where we can stay connected, exchange ideas, encourage one another and collaborate on the most innovative ways to keep our LB Restaurants going strong. Join our Member FB Group


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